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No.TournamentFEDflagLast update
1Dupnitsa - Memorial Lyuben Konstantinov: Prize fund 3 000 BGN BUL
1 Minutes
214. Int. Jugend Open Feffernitz 2016 AUT
6 Minutes
34ο ΑΝΟΙΧΤΟ ΚΑΛΟΚΑΙΡΙΝΟ ΤΟΥΡΝΟΥΑ ΟΠΑ ΦΙΛΟΘΕΗΣ - 16 έως 24/8 : έπαθλα 800 ευρώ! GRE
6 Minutes
4XVIII Open Internacional d'escacs de Sants, Hostafrancs i la Bordeta Grup A Code: 139025 CAT
6 Minutes
525. Int. Open Feffernitz 2016 AUT
6 Minutes
6IRT Semifinal del Camp. Argentino Sub 2000 y 2300 "150° Aniv. Bibl. Franklin" San Juan, 13 al 15 de agosto de 2016 - $ 6500 en premios ARG
9 Minutes
7Namakkal District Level Open & Children's (U-10, 14 & 17) Chess Festival - 2016 Contact : Mr.R.Sivaramakrishnan 96000 12893 & Mr.S.Srinivasan 95005 29027 IND
10 Minutes
8LII Torneo abierto Sabatino válido para el ranking FASGBA CAB. Comienza el 27.08 ARG
10 Minutes
9XVIII Open Internacional d'escacs de Sants, Hostafrancs i la Bordeta Grup C Code:133332 CAT
13 Minutes
10Cupa Grand Prix Buzau - turneul D (Grand Prix Cup Buzau - D Tournament) ROU
13 Minutes
11Cupa Grand Prix Buzau - turneul C (Grand Prix Cup Buzau - C Tournament) ROU
13 Minutes
127th Kandy Open International Rated Chess Championship - 2016 SRI
13 Minutes
13Cupa Grand Prix Buzau - turneul B (Grand Prix Cup Buzau - B Tournament) ROU
13 Minutes
141.Schnellschach Rallye 2016 7.V. AUT
14 Minutes
15Cupa Grand Prix Buzau - turneul A (Grand Prix Cup Buzau - A Tournament) ROU
14 Minutes
1638th Int. Chess Festival Città di Arco Open A ITA
14 Minutes
17Genussmeilen-Schachturnier A Thermenregion Wienerwald AUT
15 Minutes
18European Youth Chess Championship B12 Prague 2016 - Boys Under 12 CZE
16 Minutes
19IV Torneo Promoción Indalo (Infantil Feria de Almería 2016) ESP
17 Minutes
20African Youth Chess Championships 2016 U18 Girls RSA
19 Minutes
21XVIII Open Internacional d'escacs de Sants, Hostafrancs i la Bordeta Grup B Code:133330 CAT
19 Minutes
22European Youth Chess Championship B18 Prague 2016 - Boys Under 18 CZE
22 Minutes
23African Youth Chess Championships 2016 U12 Girls RSA
22 Minutes
2415º Circuito de Xadrez Escolar de SAO BENTO DO SUL Categoria 6/7 Ano Masculino BRA
22 Minutes
2518. Offene Innviertler Schach-Meisterschaft 2016 AUT
23 Minutes
26KungSune-tävlingen SWE
26 Minutes
27European Youth Chess Championship G18 Prague 2016 - Girls Under 18 CZE
28 Minutes
2813th International Chess Festival Avicenna Open-Group A(Masters) Aug. 2016-Hamedan- Iran IRI
29 Minutes
29Torneo IRT UNAC 2016 PER
29 Minutes
30I IRT Ciudad de Casma Sub-2100 PER
30 Minutes
31European Youth Chess Championship B16 Prague 2016 - Boys Under 16 CZE
30 Minutes
32 2nd International summer open of Moudania CA B group GRE
32 Minutes
336th Qazvin rajaei Cup A - 2016 IRI
33 Minutes
34European Youth Chess Championship G16 Prague 2016 - Girls Under 16 CZE
33 Minutes
35II Open Internacional Hotel Murta Xativa (Event Code: 141022) ESP
33 Minutes
36Torneo Internacional "Comarca de Níjar" // Almería ESP
34 Minutes
37European Youth Chess Championship G14 Prague 2016 - Girls Under 14 CZE
34 Minutes
38European Youth Chess Championship B14 Prague 2016 - Boys Under 14 CZE
36 Minutes
39African Youth Chess Championships 2016 U16 Girls RSA
37 Minutes
40African Youth Chess Championships 2016 U16 Boys RSA
38 Minutes
41European Youth Chess Championship G12 Prague 2016 - Girls Under 12 CZE
39 Minutes
42Kauno greitųjų šachmatų turnyras "Vasaros olimpe" 2 Rapid chess tournament in Kaunas "Vasaros olimpas" 2 LTU
39 Minutes
43XXXIII Torneo Abierto Collado Villalba Torneo B (ID: 133327) ESP
39 Minutes
44European Youth Chess Championship G10 Prague 2016 - Girls Under 10 CZE
41 Minutes
45African Youth Chess Championships 2016 U8 Girls RSA
42 Minutes
4613th International Chess Festival Avicenna Open-Group B Aug. 2016-Hamedan- Iran IRI
42 Minutes
47European Youth Chess Championship B10 Prague 2016 - Boys Under 10 CZE
44 Minutes
48African Youth Chess Championships 2016 U12 Boys RSA
46 Minutes
49European Youth Chess Championship B8 Prague 2016 - Boys Under 8 CZE
46 Minutes
50African Youth Chess Championships 2016 U14 Boys RSA
48 Minutes